A strong foundation that can withstand it all

Workshop flooring

When you work in a workshop, you know how much the workshop floor has to withstand.
Both in terms of the load from the many vehicles travelling in and out every day,
but also to the many different fluids used.

Pigmented quartz sand is the perfect foundation for your workshop floor,
where the most important properties are resistance and ease of cleaning,
so you can start each day with a spotless, crack-free floor.

We have the materials for the workshop floor of your dreams.


Oil and other liquids disappear in the blink of an eye

In a workshop, the focus is on keeping vehicles running, and with a jointless epoxy workshop floor, all you have to focus on is keeping your customers happy. 

Whether it’s oil, petrol or sprinkler fluid you spill, it’s easily removed from your floor. No need to worry about marks and discolouration on the floor.

A beautiful floor has a positive impact on your customers, signalling quality and care.


A workshop floor is like an elephant

Strong and durable! Features you need on a workshop floor that is exposed to heavy weight loads and wear and tear day after day.

The durability of a workshop floor means it’s a loyal partner, providing you with a solid foundation that can withstand the weight of the many vehicles travelling on it.


Work slides - not your feet

Space can get tight if the workshop is full of cars, lifts and tools – so slipping on the floor can result in a serious accident. But with a good workshop floor, you can minimise the risk considerably.

A workshop floor made from Stonewalk materials gives you peace of mind for good footing in the workshop – you choose the level of slip resistance you want.

Good advice

Maintenance and care of workshop flooring

How you should maintain and care for your workshop floor depends on the contractor’s choice of binder.

To give your workshop floor the best possible conditions, Stonewalk always recommends that you consult with the contractor who installed the flooring.

The contractor can tell you how often you should clean your workshop floor and which cleaning agents to use.

By following the contractor’s instructions, your workshop floor will remain beautiful and functional for years to come.


Inspiration for your next project

Maybe you have an idea of what you want your future workshop floor to look like.

If not, you can find inspiration in some of the projects below,
where our materials have been used for workshop flooring.

You are also very welcome to contact us for counselling
or hear about more projects where our materials have been used.

Garage floor made with Dana Kvarts for a Porsche in private property.

Made by Neo Coating.

Jointless flooring at Østjyllands Brandvæsen – Station Aarhus Nord. The floor is laid with the colour ’Ildrød’

A jointless floor is ideal in a room with heavy machinery, such as fire trucks. And they’re easy to maintain and clean.

Udført af Vesla.

      Floor laid with Kvarts Colour at Harley-Davidson in Roskilde – in the company’s famous colour palette.

      Made by Fyns Industrigulve.

      Værkstedsgulv, Fugefri gulve, slidstærke gulve i farven ildrød i anvendelse hos Østjyllands Brandvæsen – Station Aarhus Nord - leveret af ekspert i materialer til gulve Stonewalk
      Harley-Davidson værksted med motorcykler hævet på orange lifte på værkstedsgulv og fugefri gulve leveret af ekspert i materialer til gulve Stonewalk


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