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Joint-free flooring

There are many good reasons why joint-free flooring is so popular.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-clean floor with high durability, a joint-free floor is the obvious choice
– and with our range of coloured quartz sand, there are plenty of options to give your joint-free floor
exactly the look you’re dreaming of.

This applies both in terms of colour, patterns, logo, friction, etc.

We help you create a unique solution for your purpose.

Customised joint-free flooring for all applications

Why choose a joint-free floor?

Jointless flooring is perfect for “demanding spaces” with high requirements for safety, hygiene and durability.  This is because seamless floors are dust-free, slip-resistant and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. 

This can be anything from food production sites to workshops. This is because joint-free floors are easy to clean, so no marks are left behind – even when we’re talking about stains from oil, coffee or wine. Furthermore they can withstand the heavy weight of heavy moving machinery.

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Materials for joint-free floors

Sand, stones, flakes or hard aggregates

We make sure that the materials for joint-free floors fulfil stated safety requirements – you decide how the floor should look.

This applies to the actual materials, colours, patterns and friction.


We take care of the entire process

Our great flexibility comes from keeping production nearby.

We colour the quartz sand used for the joint-free floors ourselves – we get the sand from our sister production, Dansk Kvarts Industri A/S, which ensures us the highest quality quartz sand.

We have the leading equipment on the market, which also enables us to offer private label production for our customers.

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Good advice

Maintenance and care of joint-free floors

How you maintain and care for your joint-free floor depends on the contractor’s choice of binder.

To give your joint-free floor the best possible conditions, Stonewalk always recommends that you consult with the contractor who installed the flooring.

The contractor can tell you how often to clean your joint-free floor and which cleaning agents to use.

By following the contractor’s instructions, your joint-free floor will remain beautiful and functional for years to come.


Inspiration for your next project

Joint-free flooring can be used for many purposes, but is particularly popular in certain locations,
where there is high requirements to the floor’s wear resistance and durability.
– everything from workshops to fire stations to production facilities to abattoirs to…
The possibilities are endless.

Here you can see just a small selection of joint-free floors where our materials have been used.

If you want to learn more about application possibilities,
feel free to contact us using the form just below the images.

Joint-free floor being installed at Auto-Compagni ApS with one of the popular mixes from our DKI-Colour System – here just before the binder is added. 

The joint-free floor is chosen because of its durability and because it requires minimal maintenance.

Made by KA Industrigulve

Jointless flooring at Østjyllands Brandvæsen – Station Aarhus Nord. The floor is laid with the colour ’Ildrød’

A jointless floor is ideal in a room with heavy machinery, such as fire trucks. And they’re easy to maintain and clean.

Made by Vesla.

      Joint-free floor in Engesvang Hallen, laid with blue and green flakes from Stonewalk.

      Grout-free floors are perfect for wetrooms like this, due to their strong durability and slip-resistant surface. Flakes can also be used as a solution on the walls of your wetroom – an alternative to tiles.

      Made by Vesla.

          Fugefri gulve i anvendelse hos Auto-Compagni leveret af ekspert i og leverandør af materialer til fugefri gulve, stentæpper, terrazzogulve, skridsikre gulve, slidstærke gulve, slidsikre gulve og udendørs belægning Stonewalk
          Fugefri gulve i farven ildrød i anvendelse hos Østjyllands Brandvæsen – Station Aarhus Nord - leveret af ekspert i materialer til gulve Stonewalk
          Vådrumsgulv, fugefri gulve og skridsikre gulve i farverne blå og grøn i anvendelse i omklædningsrum hos Engesvang Hallen leveret af ekspert i materialer til gulve Stonewalk


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