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From industrial kitchens and indoor swimming pools – to the pavement in your backyard.
With over 25 years of experience in the industry, we’ve supplied materials for countless applications.

Whatever flooring project you have in mind, we have the materials and colours to make your dream a reality.

Here you can find inspiration in some of the projects we’ve supplied quality flooring for.

A foundation that stands up to thorough cleaning

Industrial floor

Floors in warehouses and production environments are subject to heavy loads, and both machines and goods can cause accidents.

Your floor must therefore be both slip-resistant and hardwearing. We provide materials for jointsless flooring that also make cleaning a breeze – and look great.

Personalised and strong – floors that match your store and brand

Retail flooring

A brand is only as strong as its weakest link. It is therefore extremely important that you also consider the floor when designing your store.

A floor can speak to both sight and touch – and when we speak to the senses, it’s the strongest form of marketing as it’s stored firmly in the brain. So customers need to have a good experience.

With a Stonewalk floor, you can create a common thread in both interior design and brand communication, and you can get a jointless floor that is slip-resistant and easy to clean.

Beautiful floors with a focus on both aesthetics and function

Showroom flooring

Your business’s sacred hall is the showroom. This is where your customers can experience the best of what you can deliver.

Just like in the store, your floor should match your brand and what you’re selling.

We provide showroom flooring that is beautiful to look at, walk on, slip-resistant, hardwearing and easy to clean.

Easy-to-clean floors for heavy-duty use

Workshop flooring

Daily life in a workshop involves a lot of vehicle traffic and the oil and other fluids used to keep vehicles running.

Your workshop floor therefore has high demands on durability and ease of cleaning.

With a Stonewalk seamless floor, you get a floor that looks great, can withstand heavy loads, is easy to clean – and not least ensures that mechanics don’t slip on the floor.

Complete your interior design with a floor that is both beautiful and functional

Office flooring

On average, we spend 1/3 of our lives at our workplace. It’s our second home.

That’s why we need to make our offices as inviting as possible, with the same focus on easy cleaning and functionality as in our homes.

There are many options for Stonewalk joint-free floors that are both slip-resistant and easy to clean – and you can even get a truly unique floor.

Floors with high safety and easy cleaning on the menu

Kitchen flooring

A kitchen is a fast-paced environment. Cooks, waiters and dishwashers find their way between each other and the hot ovens and stoves as an almost rehearsed dance to a show that is performed day after day.

Safety, along with ease of cleaning, is therefore also a top priority for a kitchen floor. No one should be able to slip on the floor.

A jointless floor from Stonewalk meets the high demands for safety, durability and cleanability in a kitchen environment.

Good indoor environment and slip resistance in one solution

Wet room flooring

Slippery floors significantly increase the risk of falls. It is therefore obviously important that wet room environments are also designed with slip-resistant wet room flooring.

With a wet room floor, you can increase the safety of your guests – whether it’s in a swimming pool, changing room, spa or sauna area.


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