What’s your next project? 

Materials for every purpose

Our wide range of products gives you the opportunity to create
the right floor for your project, regardless of function and style.

We supply materials for both commercial projects and home renovations
– for indoor and outdoor projects – for rooms with colourful logos
or for warehouses with subdued, stylish colours – and much, much more.

All our materials are characterised by their high quality. 

Hard-wearing and resistant

Joint-free flooring

Choosing a joint-free floor has a number of advantages. Its high durability and dust-free, slip-resistant surface means it’s perfect for even the most demanding spaces where the weight of heavy machinery and high hygiene standards characterise everyday life.

You decide how you want your floor to look – there are almost no limits to the colour scheme.

A beautiful floor with the option of a logo, pattern or text

Stone carpets

A stone carpeted floor is not only beautiful to look at – it also has many other benefits.

A stone carpet floor consists of quartz stone and a binder, such as epoxy. It provides beautiful, clean and bright colours, high durability and easy cleaning. An added bonus in larger rooms is that a stone carpet contributes to good acoustics.

Create your very own stone carpet that matches your brand and have your company logo coloured into the coating.

Want your next floor to have wow factor?

Terrazzo flooring

Add a unique touch to your rooms and spaces with a beautiful terrazzo floor.

Terrazzo is a hard-wearing material that makes the floor easy to maintain and gives it a long life.

Create your own mix of stones to create the exclusive look you want.

Maintains appearance despite heavy use

Hardwearing flooring

Rooms and environments with heavy traffic and weight loads require special functionalities of the floor.

A hardwearing floor will keep the same look and expression even when it is exposed to heavy wear and tear.

Avoid fall accidents with a floor that focuses on safety

Non-slip flooring

Fall accidents top the list as the most commonly reported accidents to insurance companies.

With a slip-resistant floor, you significantly minimise the risk of fall accidents on wet or greasy floors.

A beautiful alternative to paving stones, gravel and concrete

Outdoor paving

The selection of natural stones from our GO-OUT range not only gives you a beautiful outdoor paving, but also resilient and durable outdoor paving with a long lifespan.

Perfect for both private gardens and driveways, as well as public areas such as bike paths, walkways, squares, etc.

Your very own mix

Private label

Do your needs go beyond a nice new floor?

With our advanced, high-tech machinery, we have the resources to weigh, mix, screen and fill the exact material you want into closed, watertight bags.

It could be granules, powder or something else – with our flexible system, there are plenty of possibilities.


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